Migration from OWB to ODI

Since Oracle will stop supporting OWB, users are forced to migrate their OWB projects to ODI. Although they have different features, OWB and ODI are conceptually similar. Our intelligently automated conversion service allows an effortless migration from OWB to the ODI equivalents.

Intelligently automated

Prior to the automated conversion proces, we will analyze the OWB repository to substitute the OWB features with ODI alternatives and to define the ODI topology.
Intelligently automated OWB to ODI conversion

Mappings & Process flows

Apart from the OWB projects, locations, modules and mappings, our converter ALSO handles Process Flows, converting them into ODI Load Plans.

Converting OWB Mappings and Process Flows to ODI Mappings and Load Plans

Supports all versions

The conversion service supports all OWB (10.2 and above) and ODI (11 and above) versions, as well as all OS platforms.

Converting any OWB version to any ODI version with support for all operating systems

Our service guarantees an accurate and risk-free migration

100% Accuracy

OWB projects are analyzed for possible migration exceptions and ODI objects are automatically generated using the ODI API.

Fixed price and timeframe

The assessment, conversion, testing and delivery of the ODI projects will be done within a fixed timeframe and at a fixed price.

Fast migration

The entire conversion process, including the reworking and the customization of the mappings and process flows in ODI, typically only takes a few weeks.

It’s easy, see how it works

  • 1. Assess

    Our Converter analyzes the exported OWB mdl file provided by the customer and generates a conversion report.

    We will discuss this analysis with you and, together, we decide on how the future ODI topology needs to be configured, how exceptions will be handled, how the Knowledge Modules should be defined and what the configuration management requirements are.

  • 2. Convert

    Once all that has been decided upon, the actual conversion starts.

    The converter imports the mdl file provided by the customer, extracts all the information about the mappings and process flows and generates the equivalent ODI objects.

  • 3. Verify

    Before releasing the converted project to the customer, the mappings and load plans obtained by the conversion are extensively tested at our own Services Centre.

  • 4. Run

    Once all tests have succeeded, the converted ODI materials are installed at the your site and you are up and running.

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