LCM solutions for Oracle environments

How it works

Our LCM solutions are based on our IKAN ALM framework. This generic framework provides, besides integrations with issue tracking and versioning functionalities, the following uniform core services: life cycle management, build and deploy facilities, and approval and notification services.

Our LCM solutions can be tailored to any platform or environment. By putting in place a fully automated, repeatable, documented and verifiable release and deploy process, you will be able to concentrate on your real need: developing code.

Life Cycle Management for Oracle environments

Solution components

Each of our LCM solutions uses the same principles and requires the following three components:

VCR connector


This versioning component allows you to commit and restore OWB or ODI objects to a Version Control Repository.

This means that it supports parallel development and that all development efforts will be reconciled at a certain point in time. Versioning is also essential for managing your releases.

Note: IDEs such as Eclipse or JDeveloper offer standard integrations with version control repositories. However, OWB and ODI 11 & 12.1 don't. That's why we developped this VCR connector.

LCM framework


IKAN ALM is our open Application Lifecycle Management solution which organizes and controls the complete application lifecycle process.

IKAN ALM lets you define life cycles, manage the build (creation of deploy archives) and deploy processes (restore to repositories) and set up approvals and notifications. It perfectly integrates with most common version control repositories and issue tracking systems.

Build and Deploy scripts

Solution phases

To automate the actual Build (create deploy archives) and Deploy (restore) processes, we have developed specific IKAN ALM Solution Phases. These Phases are pre-defined, parameter-driven, packaged, reusable scripts.

For each of the Oracle environments, dedicated Solution Phases are available. Additionally, you can customize those Phases to your needs or even create new ones.

This extends your Oracle development environment with

Versioning of entire projects or single objects
Dedicated versioning to manage your code base and to support parallel development.
Customizable Application Lifecycle
Automated workflow to drive a continuous flow of activity through the development lifecycle and efficient coordination and streamlining of development changes.
Automated Build (creation of a deployment archive)
The framework monitors changes in the VCR and launches automatic build processes. Once the release is built, it is stored as an archive for later use.
Automated Deployment (or Restore)
The automated deployment process moves the release to the appropriate Test or Production environment. That is done using pre-defined, yet customizable, Build and Deploy scripts which we call "Solution Phases" (specific for OWB, ODI, ...) and which are imported in the framework. Next to these specific phases, other generic phases are available for running database scripts, executing automated tests and much more.
Approvals and Notifications
As an additional service, you can make your deployments pre- or post-approval based, and you can get notified by mail of any successful or failed build or deploy.
Apart from the standard services, our solution also contains a generic Issue Tracking System (JIRA, Bugzilla,..) plug-in.

Available for these Oracle products

We offer solutions for ODI and OWB. An LCM solution for Oracle Fusion is currently under development.

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) 11gR1 & 12R1 and 12R2

Life Cycle Management for ODI including automated build and deploy, and an ODI versioning component.


Oracle Warehouse Builder (OWB 11gR2)

Life Cycle Management for OWB including automated build and deploy, and an OWB versioning component.


Are you using another Oracle product?

To develop our Life Cycle Management solutions, we work in close collaboration with Oracle developpers specialized in many fields. We constantly aim at improving our solutions based on client feedback. The pluggable nature (solution phases) of our LCM framework makes it very easy to support many different environments.

If you're interested in the functionalities mentioned on this page, but you unfortunately do not fall into the OWB or ODI category, let us know and provide us with more details about your environment. We certainly will be able to help you!

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