Last week we talked about Versioning. But one other thing that came up when having discussions with customers and prospects was how to handle parallel development.

They wanted to work on multiple releases in parallel and asked how to handle this. First task of course is to have a common understanding on what you understand by parallel development and what does means in an ODI context.

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Let’s start with versioning. Isn’t that simple? Just commit your code or check it out. Well first question is: how do I get my code out of Oracle Data Integrator and how am I sure the integrity is respected?

Same for the restore: how do I get this out of my versioning system and how do I get it correctly into my ODI repository? In a first release our versioning component solved this as follows.

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RedBridge Software is specialised in generic Life Cycle Management for Oracle products. Last year we decided, with the help of Database & Technology, an Italy based Golden Oracle partner to create a Life Cycle Management solution for Oracle Data Integrator (ODI). This next to the one for Oracle Warehouse Builder we allready had.

The final ODI solution consists of a separate versioning component that allows you to commit and restore ODI objects from a version control repository and of IKANALM with specific ODI phases that permit you to "build" an ODI release, to deploy that release to test or production repositories and to optionally let you create ODI Repositories.

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